Outing Filled with Sweet Music
Sweetwater Music Store and Studios in Fort Wayne

2 clusters, 1 seriously cool field trip

The day started at Starbucks with our amazing local coordinator, Miss Sheri Anne Jackson! Then, we drove to the Sweetwater Music Store and Studios in Fort Wayne where we met up with Mr. Marcus Farr who is the local coordinator for kids placed in the Fort Wayne area. He and his group were very nice, and we got along with them very well!

We had a tour guide show us around and tell us some really cool facts about Sweetwater including that the founder, Chuck Surack, began his career in the music industry from his van and his company now has the largest on-site music inventory in the U.S.! We had a great time and headed off to lunch in the cafe.

After a delicious lunch, we had time to socialize with our peers and try out different musical instruments! I particularly enjoyed looking at the beautiful guitars displayed in the guitar section and looking at the pictures of famous musicians who recorded there.

It was a wonderful day that we ended with a trip to the DeBrand Chocolate store in Fort Wayne where we got to try samples and learn about their chocolate-making process. I would like to thank PAX and the coordinators who arranged this memorable day. Looking forward to having more fun days like these with this amazing group of people! 

—Zainab (YES, Pakistan), hosted by the Withers family (IN)