A Week in Pictures

Mariam's Civic Education Workshop photo round-up

Hello! This is Mariam from Georgia, hosted in Hoagland, Indiana. Here are some pictures from the Civic Education Workshop (CEW)! This week was amazing and we all enjoyed it a lot! It was also an amazing opportunity for us to deepen our understanding of the U.S. along with its government and values. 

—Mariam (FLEX, Georgia), hosted by the Minth family (IN)


Mariam Georgia IN CEW3 800x450

There’s me with the Georgian flag and Anna from Ukraine with the Ukrainian flag, in front of the White House. We’re both PAX students from Indiana!


Mariam Georgia IN CEW1 800x450

We are at the American Councils office in Washington, D.C. after our session about women in politics.


Mariam Georgia IN CEW4 800x450 1

This is Mount Vernon. We’re all PAX Indiana students on our way to meet the staff from the Indiana Senator’s office on Capitol Hill! 


Mariam Georgia IN CEW6 800x450

We are at Capitol Hill with the staff members from Senator Mike Braun’s office! 


Mariam Georgia IN CEW5 800x450

We’re at the World War II Memorial, where we found the state of Indiana and took pictures! 


Mariam Georgia IN CEW2 800

The final picture is me and Ieva from Latvia at the Lincoln Memorial. We have the same coordinator, Marcus Farr!