A Thai Champion
American high school students celebrating foreign exchange student from Thailand after a tennis match
Yui’s teammates are exultant after another win for Manti High School

Utah host parents look back on fun tennis season

Natchaya (Yui) came into our home and right into our hearts. We discovered the second day she was here that she is a good tennis player though she had only played as a young girl in Thailand. When we suggested she join the Manti High School tennis team, she was willing. As procedure goes, she had to be approved to play by the UHSAA. When she was finally able to begin playing, it was already a couple weeks into the season, but we soon found out that Yui is not just a good tennis player, she is an incredible tennis player!

Yui was put on the varsity team and began winning every match she played. She won the love and respect of her teammates, and they came up with nicknames and cheers for her. The coach appreciated the depth that Yui added to the team. As state playoffs approached, we didn’t know what to expect but just hoped she would have fun and do her best. Yui played stronger than we had ever seen her play. We were all very excited that she won all three matches at the state tournament. Because of her win, Manti High School was able to earn the second place trophy.

—Amy and Evan Bingham (UT), host parents of Yui (Thailand)