A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
YES student from India presents his chalk art depicting his home country at a drawing competition in Illinois
The wonders of India—depicted by one very talented young man, in chalk!

Indian student draws on culture for artistic inspiration

Along with some big artists, I participated in a chalk drawing competition in my city called Art Fest. We had to draw any type of drawing with chalk in a big concrete square.

I drew pictures including the Taj Mahal, the Indian warrior king Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj‪‎, and India's national animal, the tiger. Many people voted for my drawing, and I won theatre tickets. People learned more about India, and I was glad to explain my drawings to them. I was so proud that I got the chance to show my country to my host community, and they learned more about it.

—Achyut (YES, India), hosted by the Coons family (IL)