A Perfect Match
Exchange student from Spain in her high school television studio

Indiana lucky to have Clara (ESP)

Clara is the perfect match for Wawasee High School and her host family. She is upbeat and enthusiastic about everything she tries! Clara can be seen cheering on her flag football team and encouraging others to participate in theatre. She didn't expect to receive anything but a line, yet walked away with a large role!

It just doesn't matter what she is doing or trying, Clara is willing to give it a go. She excitedly told me, "Everything is a first! I want to make the most of every day and every moment, because this is my one chance for an exchange." 

She admits Indiana wasn't on her list of states to live in or visit and shouts, "Why is there so much corn?" Yet the school, host family, and community all make her feel welcomed and accepted. Clara is a delight and brings so much joy to all she knows. Indiana is so lucky to have her!

—Carol Gebert, Community Coordinator (IN) of Clara (Spain)