Chasing a Cuddly Career
Exchange student from Mongolia playing with a puppy in Indiana

Mongolian finds passion for animals in Indiana

From middle school until recently, I dreamed of becoming a diplomat. But since coming to the U.S., this dream has definitely changed.

While in Mongolia, my family never had a dog. I was even afraid of dogs. But when I came to America, I was really shocked that my family had seven dogs and three small puppies. But everything was different from what I expected. At first, I just stood there looking at them, and even though they were little puppies, I was a little scared. But after a few days, I realized how cute they are, that we should treat them like humans, and that they love us back.

Sometimes, I feel like they understand us more than anyone. They may know that we are sad or that we need love. They are intelligent.

Due to the lack of laws for animals such as dogs and cats in Mongolia, many cats and dogs are run over by cars, freeze to death, and some are killed by bad people or starve to death. Now, I feel like changing that.

When I grow up, I will pass animal laws and work for them. I thought a lot about this. What exactly do we live for? Will you work hard all your life and die with a lot of money or live happily with your loved ones doing what you love all your life?

I plan to establish an animal shelter and become a veterinarian. I believe in myself that I will achieve what I set out to do diplomatically as well. If you can believe in yourself, you can do anything. Two years ago, my dream was to live in America, and now I'm here. Believe that the time you worked hard for yourself and stood up stronger when you were discouraged will help you succeed.

—Doljinsuren (FLEX, Mongolia), hosted by the Bertsch family (IN)