A Musical PAX Family

Belgian and host mom make own Christmas music

For the “PAX’s Got Talent!” contest, I chose to play some Christmas songs with my host mother on the piano. I have played the piano since I was five years old, and I really like it!

I am 15 now; I take lessons at an academy in Belgium, and I have had the same piano teacher since I began. I am lucky that my host parents are musicians and have a piano at home, so I can continue practicing!

My host mother has played the piano for 40 years, and I am glad that she agreed to play these Christmas pieces with me. My host dad was filming us playing.

Before even thinking about playing with my host mom, I thought that it could be cool to play one of my Belgian pieces. Then, I talked about this contest with one of my coordinators, and she told me that it could be fun to do something with my family.

So, I talked about it with my host mom, and she said that it was a really good idea! The next evening, we went to the music store and bought a book. It is good that we played Christmas songs, because Christmas is going to be here soon!

It was fun to play with Mary Ann, because she plays really well and I am really close to her and to my host dad too! I feel really comfortable with them; they are like my second family.

–Alexandra (Belgium), hosted by the Olson family (WA)