A Farewell Celebration in Arizona
Exchange student from Ukraine with Arizona host family

International Explorers' fitting send-off

Hello, I am Sofiia, a FLEX exchange student from Ukraine. It seems that I just arrived in the USA, but it's already time to say goodbye to my host community. In honor of this, my International Explorers Club arranged a farewell for the exchange students at Mingus Union High School, where exchange students shared their experiences and highlights from our exchange years.

I invited my host family, friends, teachers, and people who became important to me in the USA. I prepared an appreciation speech for all the people I invited and made a video describing the best moments from this year. I made a poster with pictures for my host family. The event was special, memorable, and touching for me.

I would like to say thank you very much to the FLEX program and PAX organization for the amazing opportunity for students from the world to travel abroad and experience the USA. We learn and exchange experiences, cultures, ideas, and beliefs. This program completely changed me and my perspectives, taught me, and gave me priceless knowledge. Thank you for this chance.

—Sofiia (FLEX, Ukraine), hosted by the Backus family (AZ)