A Capital Experience
Exchange student from Lebanon poses with friends in front of Lincoln Memorial

Monuments, museums, and more

Hello, I’m Jana, an exchange student with the YES Program from Lebanon and currently placed in Arizona. Recently, I participated in an activity very similar to Civic Education Week, in which we went with a sponsor and a chaperone to the capital of the nation. It was an indescribable experience.

We walked between the cherry blossoms, visited many monuments, and went to lots and lots of museums. Being in the amazing company of my friends from Jordan, Kenya, and Kazakhstan really made the trip a lot better. We each shared our cultures and experiences. We were also accompanied by people who had a passion for and knowledge about the United States.

I thank the program and the community I live in for providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

—Jana (YES, Lebanon), hosted by the Leonard family (AZ)