2020 Reunion

Pacific Northwest "Pandemic PAXers" reconnect

I would like to tell you about the PAX 2020 Pacific Northwest Virtual Catch-Up that I and another alumnus from the Philippines, Sam, hosted in October. We organized this virtual catch-up, because we wanted to reconnect with our co-exchange students and coordinators. We were not able to say proper goodbyes at the end of our exchange year due to the pandemic.

My participation in the Global Village on the Move Program 2022 in North Macedonia, a program designed to provide an intensive leadership experience to 90 alumni of the U.S. Department of State’s educational and cultural exchange programs, such as the FLEX and YES Programs, inspired me to initiate this virtual meeting.

Networking was one of the topics discussed at the conference, and we were asked which networks we wish to retain and which we wish to let go. I realized I wanted my PAX network to continue, so after returning from the program, I planned the virtual catch-up and asked Sam to help make it happen. This is also the reason I joined the PAX Alumni Social Media Mentors.

I am thrilled to share this with you and with other PAX alumni out there. I hope this encourages others to maintain the wonderful relationships they made through the PAX program.

Thank you, PAX!

—Lorenz (2019/20 YES, Philippines), hosted by the Elingnak family (WA)


PAX Alumni 2020 Reunion