10 Kilometers or 6 Miles?
Exchange student from Bangladesh poses with her host dad at the Grand Canyon

Epic father-daughter hike

"Dad, I am running out of breath. I think I will not be able to make it to the top. You should ask for a chopper to rescue me from here."

At a certain point on the long hike of ten kilometers (this is what I say) or six miles (this is what my host dad says) at the one and only Grand Canyon, I was not sure that I would be able to make it to the top after we descended three miles from where we started. After hiking three miles into the canyon, we had to walk back up those same three miles. Although six miles might not seem like a lot, trust me, hiking on those steep, serpentine-like trails full of gravel and boulders was not easy! I was hiking up a few steps and making those boulders my 'bed of roses' every time.

However, if we had not hiked down that far, we would not have seen so many beautiful sights of the Grand Canyon. I was proud when I finished the great hike with my head held high, holding the red and green flag of my country. Thanks to my host dad for giving me the opportunity to explore some beautiful corners of the Grand Canyon.

—Tazrian (YES, Bangladesh), hosted by the Cosner family (AZ)