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PAX Students

PAX students are bright, happy young "ambassadors," representing more than 70 different countries. Their dream is something we take for granted—the chance to be a "son" or "daughter" in an ordinary American family for one school year.

PAX seeks to recruit qualified applicants from as many different countries as possible. Its goal is not to enroll superstars, extremely talented or gifted students, although such students are accepted. Instead, PAX seeks good, solid students from mixed backgrounds, representing various social and economic levels. Full scholarships are awarded to a number of deserving students each year.

PAX works in partnership with educational organizations around the world to identify suitable participants, to screen and interview them, and to provide students with a pre-departure orientation. Each student submits an extensive application and must demonstrate satisfactory academic performance, a clean bill of health, English adequate to manage in a US high school, and appropriate maturity and motivation.

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