Host Families of PAX

PAX at Home Overview

PAX host families are everywhere

In all 49 continental United States, on farms, in small towns, where the local high school enrolls just 100 students and where more than 2,000 students attend.

PAX host families come in all sizes and shapes

All are single parents, retirees, "empty nesters", young couples with small children, as well as more traditional two parent families with teenagers. All are currently sharing and enjoying the exchange experience.

What PAX host families have in common

They're fond of young people. They are curious about other countries. They take pride in their own communities and would like to share what they value with others. They have open minds and generous hearts.

PAX host families provide a PAX student with what he needs for a year

A PAX student expects just the chance to be a "son" or "daughter" in an American family. A PAX student's needs are simple - a bed of her own (many students share a bedroom), a quiet place to study, and an extra place at the table for meals normally taken at home.

PAX host families reap rich rewards

You will experience a foreign culture without ever leaving home. You'll have a chance to discover different holidays, other ways of thinking about the day's news, a different perspective on many things. Perhaps you'll learn a few phrases of a foreign language or try dishes from your student's homeland. You'll certainly grow to love the boy or girl who enters your home, a stranger in August, and leaves, a family member in June.

To find out more about hosting, contact PAX by calling 1-800-555-6211 or fill out our inquiry form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do host families get paid for sponsoring the home stay?

A: No, host families are not compensated financially for hosting a student. Community coordinators must assure that potential host families are financially secure and able to assume the costs of hosting a teenager for five or ten months.

Q: Do all students visiting the U.S. speak English?

A: All students are carefully screened and have three or more years of English study. While students do speak English, it is important to remember that PAX is an English-learning program.

Q: Do PAX students have responsibilities?

A: PAX students are expected to adapt to the host family's lifestyle and ground rules and to participate in family activities. PAX students know that this program is not a trip or a tour, but an academic home stay that requires work and effort that will result in learning. Students are expected to help out with family chores.

Q: Do host families need to give the student an allowance?

A: All PAX exchange students have their own spending money, provided by their natural families. They take care of their own phone bills, lunches purchased at school, school expenses and recreation such as movies and bowling.

Q: What if my exchange student gets sick?

A: All PAX exchange students are covered by full medical insurance with a small deductible. There is no liability to the host family.

Q: What happens if the placement doesn't work out?

A: If a student and host family have a misunderstanding, the PAX community coordinator provides counsel and support. If a host family has an insurmountable difficulty or an unexpected change in family life, the community coordinator will arrange for another placement for a student.

Q: How old are the students who participate?

A: PAX students are between the ages of 15 and 18 when they enter the U.S. The high school the student attends will determine what grade the student will enter.

Q: Do I need to secure a visa for my visitor?

A: PAX students enter the U.S. on what is called a J-1 exchange visitor visa, secured with an DS2019 form issued by PAX. PAX assumes all responsibilities for visas, visa issues and any other travel documents.

Q: What responsibilities do host families have?

A: PAX families are asked to provide students three quality meals a day, a place to sleep and study, transportation to and from school activities, and a warm supportive environment. Private rooms are not required.

Q: What is required for us to become a PAX host family?

A: A PAX host family must:
- Share a commitment to hosting and an understanding of the responsibilities involved.
- Consist of two or more family members. (Single persons require a secondary review.)
- Have at least one family member over the age of 28.
- Provide the student with a bed and a place to study. A student may not share a bed. A student may share a room, but only with a host sibling of the same gender who is within four years of the student's age.
- Provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the student. If the student prefers to buy lunch at school, the student is responsible to pay for it.
- Provide or arrange for transportation to and from school activities,
- Be financially secure and able to assume the costs of hosting a teenager.
- Have an interest in learning about other countries and cultures.

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