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What is a community coordinator?

A community coordinator is an independent contractor who represents the PAX program in the local community. It is a great opportunity to provide people in your community, the young international students they host, and American students who participate in a program abroad with positive, life-changing exposure to new cultures. If you are interested in travel and learning about other countries, cultures, and languages, enjoy working with young people, and active and engaged in your community, you’ll want to learn more.

What are the responsibilities of the community coordinator?

Working with a regional director at the national office, the community coordinator helps to facilitate the placement and supervision of exchange students in high schools and with volunteer host families. As a community coordinator, your primary responsibilities would include:

  • Networking and conducting public outreach activities to generate interest in PAX programs in your community.
  • Securing approval for enrollment of the international students in local high schools.
  • Recruiting and screening volunteer host families for approximately 3-6 international students each year.
  • Providing orientations for both host families and students.
  • Guiding the international students and their host families through personal and cultural adjustment.
  • Representing PAX study and travel abroad opportunities to local students.
  • Attending the annual PAX national meeting, held in a different location each year.

What qualifications do successful community coordinators possess?

Community coordinators must enjoy working with teens and serving their communities. Many, but not all, bring international, education, or youth program experience to the role. And the most successful have excellent networking, public relations, communications and sales skills.

If you are an internationally-minded, optimistic, motivated, and flexible self-starter who loves a challenge, enjoys a fast pace, and responds well to change, you may be an ideal candidate for the community coordinator position. The position requires that you are level-headed, adaptable, tenacious and prepared to make up to 20 phone calls to find one family willing to host a student. And student exchange regulations, policies and procedures can and do change so you need to be able to respond quickly.

Is the community coordinator position right for you?

The position boasts part-time, flexible scheduling, modest compensation on a commission basis, annual domestic and international educational travel perks, and is managed from home. Many coordinators approach the position as a meaningful community service project with benefits, a second job, or an opportunity to pursue their interests and passions while making a contribution to their community. It’s a lot of fun!

What does the hire process for a new community coordinator involve?

To apply, click on the Community Coordinator Application Form button below. Once your online application is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email. Assuming a position is available and you meet the preliminary qualifications, a phone interview will be scheduled.

Upon completion of the interview, a PAX national office staff member will check your references and facilitate your criminal background check. If approved, you will receive a preliminary offer. At that point, you will be required to successfully complete PAX and U.S. Department of State mandated training before receiving a final offer and an independent contractor agreement.

Is it safe to do a criminal background check online?

Submitting personal information electronically for a background check is extremely safe. Through the use of an industry-standard approved provider and encryption technologies, you can feel safe knowing that your personal information is being received securely and is safe from any misuse.

What training is required for the community coordinator position?

All PAX community coordinators must complete a series of online courses. The first course, available on the PAX E-Learning Center website, will introduce you to U.S. Department of State regulations and PAX policies and procedures, and provide helpful information on how to find host families, work with high schools and support participants during the program year. Once you have completed the PAX online course, you will be fully prepared to complete the U.S. Department of State mandated online certification process. Finally, you will complete a course called "Stewards of Children" provided by the Darkness to Light organization. All courses allow you to pace yourself, to absorb the materials thoroughly, and to prepare yourself to promote and support the program locally.

How are community coordinators compensated?

PAX community coordinators are independent contractors who are compensated on a commission basis--both for securing host family placements for our international students and for providing supervision and support to students and their host families throughout the academic year. As a community coordinator, you will also have the opportunity to receive both domestic and international educational travel benefits.


To learn more about becoming a PAX community coordinator, please email us at

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